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High on the Vine

You'll laugh out loud as Tami and Evi Maki convert the family hunting camp to a "she-shed" and parley their lack of business acumen into bigger and bigger tourist ventures.

Also available in eBook editions:

High on the Vine features cousinsTami & Evi Maki, who often contemplate the shortcomings of their respective spouses, Toivo and Eino. The story is told through a series of short stories set in Upper Michigan. The Maki women contemplate how their lives may have fared (certainly better) had they not married the two louts. After a hideous winter survival weekend sponsored by the Maki men, Tami & Evi take over the boys' hunting camp as punishment. After various less than successful entrepreneurial ventures, the gals finally hit paydirt when they form a business deal with a brotherhood of monks in opening a winery, which produces a barely potable wine dubbed "Monk Juice." 

Quality paperback. 176 pages

High on the Vine

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