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Roadkill Justice

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Nettie Bramble lives with her ma in a cabin that’s slightly off the grid in Upper Michigan. She claims to “subsist” off the land and prefers to do so without the benefit of a hunting or fishing license, or strict adherence to pesky government-inflicted game seasons. Of course she’s bound to have a clash or two with the local woods cop, CO Will Ketchum, and the chronically cranky Judge Nightshade.  Along with her attempts to get a ten-pointer, Nettie also hunts for ways to get indoor plumbing. Her path eventually crosses with Church Lady Bea Righteous, along with thrice-removed cousins, Tami and Evi Maki, in an erratic road rally with a cash prize that brings out the worst in everyone. Most places that Nettie goes, she’s got her “citified” nephews, Wanton and Wiley, tagging along to muddle up her plans. No spoiler alert for the surprise ending in this collection of short stories featuring a strong dose of the Yooper way.

Roadkill Justice

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