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The Home Wind

The Home Wind is a middle-grade children's novel (ages 9 and up), which takes place during the 1870s in a Michigan logging camp.  Quality paperback, 198 pages plus discussion guide. 


Also available in eBook editions:

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The Home Wind

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  • Jamie Kangas struggles with turbulent emotions caused by the death of his father, who perished in a logging accident--an accident for which Jamie blames himself. While his mother works as cook in a logging camp, Jamie is run ragged as chore boy. The grinding dreariness fades when Jamie meets a Native American boy, Gray Feather, who carries a burden of his own. The two boys become close friends as they face the challenges of a harsh environment and prejudcied world. And as trees fall to the lumberjack's blade, Jamie hears the ghostly words of his father, warning of future catastrophe. 

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